ASICS Men's Glideride 2 Running Shoes (Electric Red/Black)

Men's Footwear Size (US): 10
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Embark on your running journey with the ASICS Men’s Glideride 2 Running Shoes, your perfect companions for a, comfortable run. These shoes are crafted with features like breathable mesh, 3D print support, and GUIDESOLE technology, promising a smooth and fatigue-free.

  • Elevate your run effortlessly with shoes that save your energy, allowing you to cover more ground without breaking a sweat
  • Thanks to the mesh upper, your feed will stay cool and comfy
  • Experience the joy of lightweight cushioning with FLYTEFOAM technology
  • Propel your run with supreme bounce, thanks to FLYTEFOAM Propel technology
  • Enjoy targeted support without the bulk, courtesy of the 3D print on the upper

Enjoy running without the fatigue

The ASICS Men’s Glideride 2 Running Shoes are more than just your average runners; they’re scientifically designed to make your runs feel like a breeze. Not only do they save your energy efficiently throughout your run, but the engineered mesh upper ensures your feet remain cool and comfortable, adapting to your unique stride. The 3D print adds an extra layer of support without bogging you down, making these shoes the ideal choice for both comfort and performance.

GUIDESOLE Technology

Experience the innovation of GUIDESOLE technology, turning your running experience into a smooth and fatigue-free journey. The curved sole design and stiff forefoot reduce ankle flexion, providing a cushioned landing and minimising fatigue. It’s like having a guide by your side, ensuring every step is a joy.

Lightweight cushioning

Step into a world of lightweight luxury with FLYTEFOAM technology. This magical midsole material not only provides unmatched cushioning but does so without weighing you down. Your feet will thank you for the soft and supportive feel they’ve been craving.

Smoother & more efficient runs

Feel the seamless transition from heel to toe with the elimination of underfoot cutouts. These shoes offer a smooth ride, making your runs more efficient and enjoyable, whether you’re a neutral runner or someone who leans towards supination.

Durable outsole

The durable AHAR Plus outsole is strategically placed to ensure you have a grip that lasts. This high abrasion rubber provides the durability you need for those long runs, making every step a confident one.

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