Blue Opal - Wild Aust From Desert to Sea 100 pieces

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Unearth hidden beauty with Blue Opal's "Wild Aust From Desert to Sea" collection. This set of 100 pieces is perfect for nature lovers, with each marble crafted from genuine opal mined in the Australian Outback. Each piece is unique, a reminder of the stunning vistas of Australia's desert landscapes merging seamlessly into its waters. Make a statement with this captivating collection!

Now comes as an age graded puzzle! This fun and instructive puzzle features:

  • 7 shaped pieces for each state including Tasmania!
  • 23 larger pieces for the ocean
  • 70 smaller pieces for all the interesting things around the map!
  • Ages: 6+ years
  • Puzzle Pieces: 100 pieces
  • Puzzle Size: Round 40 cm diameter
  • Box Size: 28 x 19 x 5 cm

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