Certa Auger Planter Hole Digger Drill Bit

Dimensions: 40 x 450mm
Sale price$12.00

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The ultimate garden accessory, this auger attaches to most handheld drills and lifts dirt to create cylindrical, even holes for bulbs, seedlings, bedding plants and more, making gardening jobs faster and easier.

  • Solid steel 80 × 600mm auger
  • Fits 10mm and 13mm drill chucks
  • Compatible with most power drills
  • Fast and efficient cylindrical digging
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Ideal for bulbs, tulips, iris, seedlings and more
  • Makes large plant jobs fast and easy
  • Cold rolled steel blade and bar
  • Ideal for professional use

Dig deep and get planting with the Certa 80 × 600mm Auger Planter Hole Digger Drill Bit that fits onto a handheld drill and effortlessly lifts dirt in the garden.

Robust construction

Built from a solid steel bar and blade, this robust auger drills into any soil type with ease and requires minimal effort to operate, with a circular blade that allows soil to escape in a steady, controlled manner.

Get planting

This versatile tool is ideal for professional and home use, digging holes ideal for bulbs, grass plugs, vegetable plugs, small potted plants, seedlings, bedding plants and so much more, reaching depths up to 600mm with ease.

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