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Ido3d 4 Pen Set and Guide Book

Product Description
  • Take your kid's creativity to a whole new level and try the IDO3D 4 Pen Set Guide Book! Turn your artworks into a 3D version and have fun playing around with colours. IDO3D set uses a WINDUP MECHANISM that helps you connect parts of your drawing. Package includes 4 3D, LED LIGHT AND SQUEEZABLE PENS in red, green, yellow and black colours. Simply click into place and the vertical light will attach to the pen, pull it off if you wish to transfer the light to the other pen - very quick and easy to use. Turn on the light, squeeze your pen and draw upwards to bring your artworks to life. Switch off the light to draw on flat or curved surfaces, shine the light on your work and remove afterwards to solidify your drawing. Comes with a 3D GUIDE BOOK for your art templates. The set includes a spotlight and plastic sheets. Global safety standards are met by the brand
  • pens are loaded with HEAT-FREE POLYMER INK. Easy to clean, just use wipes or daily soaps. Tickle your child's imagination with three simple steps: draw, set and connect!
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