Love Yourself Body Art

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With this incredible Love Yourself Body Art set from Fun Station, children can be creative, artistic and use their own bodies as a canvas! They are going to have hours and hours of fun with this and also look fantastic in the process.


This is an excellent set as it comes with so much for children to have fun with. Included in this set are four transfer tattoos that they can put on their body and feel awesome while doing so.


These are gold tattoos so they really do pop and look cool. It comes with body glitter and glue and the real kicker here is that it comes with these fun stencils that they can use to make all kinds of amazing art on their body. They are going to be shining and glittering all over the house when they are rocking these tattoos. Any child that loves art and looking great is going to have an absolute blast with this set.


While the body art aspect of this set is great. This also has a lot more to offer! It comes with a 24-page book that features all kinds of great arts and crafts ideas that are there to inspire budding designers. If you have been looking for a gift idea that is going to really help ignite that creative spark you know they have, this truly is perfect.


Key Features:

  • Any child who is creative is going to have many hours of fun with this
  • It comes with a set of epic gold body tattoosToy Craft Kits
  • The body glitter and glue is going to make them very sparkly!
  • Also included are stencils so that they can make fun designs on their body!
  • The booklet has many inspiring and creative ideas for them to try

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