Siku - Police boat

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On land, in the air, and on the water: the new police boat from SIKUWORLD provides a lot of playing fun. The floating boat, with flashing LED lights and electric siren in bath and paddling pool, chases after the smugglers.
The police boat moves through the water and chases after a speeding motor boat. The policemen are chasing smugglers, so they switch on the blue and red flashing LED lights and the electric siren. The smugglers try to escape from the territorial waters. The only option left to the police is to stop the smuggler’s boot using the water canon: Turn on the hose!
Fill the water into the tank, and press the red button. The water cannon scores a hit the boat, and the policemen use the winch and cable to pull the boat towards the police boat. On the stern, a flap is folded out, and the boat is pulled on board. The smugglers have been captured. The new SIKUWORLD police boat floats and can be powered with popular motors from other system toys, via an adapter. A large buoy is also provided for when the boat is at anchor.

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