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Frank's great at sports, and loves to play soccer or catch with village kids on weekends. They also like his clothing, whether casual or sporty. On weekdays, he's usually icing cakes with Melinda or playing catch with Eric and his friends. Veronica is the village pastry chef, famous for her jewel-like cake decorations. When someone has a birthday, the villagers always go to her shop. Eric is the school's academic ace who helps his friends with their studies. But he gets disappointed when he doesn't get full marks. Melinda is bubbly and makes friends easily. Inspired by her mother, she's learning to bake cakes so she can host her own tea party.


  • Toy Poodle father, Toy Poodle mother, Toy Poodle boy, Toy Poodle girl (total 4 parts). Includes Story Book.

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