Wooden Puzzle Owl

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This Puzzle Master 130 Piece Owl Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is going to be something that a puzzle enthusiast has a fantastic time with. While 130 pieces may not sound like much, the design of this puzzle makes this a real fiendishly challenging, but still fun jigsaw puzzle.

There are not many jigsaw puzzles that can capture a person’s attention better than this one here. Puzzle Master has really outdone themselves with this one and it is one of the more striking looking jigsaw puzzles from this latest series. This is not your everyday barn owl, thanks to the clever use of different shades of blue (and other colours) this owl has a real cosmic kind of vibe going on that really does make this something that is just perfect to be framed and displayed with pride.

One of the most interesting aspects of this jigsaw puzzle is that it is not your typical rectangle or square kind of puzzle. Instead, the actual owl makes up the puzzle shape. This is a very cool and somewhat unique design that Puzzle Master has done with this new series and that is why it is challenging, even though 130 pieces does not sound like a great deal. So while they will be having fun putting this awesome looking owl together, piece by piece. This is also a jigsaw puzzle that is really going to test those puzzle skills.

Key Feature:

  • Each piece is made from wood which is cool
  • The owl that they make here looks very cool
  • Even though there are not tons of pieces, this is still challenging to put together
  • Puzzle Master makes the best jigsaw puzzles around
  • They could frame this and have it out on display!

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