Wooden Puzzle Wolf

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Now, this is an awesome jigsaw puzzle! This incredible Puzzle Master 132 Piece Wolf Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is the perfect gift for a puzzle enthusiast who loves their puzzles to look cool as well as offer a fun challenge.

This is part of an incredible series from Puzzle Master that features some truly breathtaking animals. This one is a wolf, but this is no ordinary wolf, the bright and diverse colours that they have used here give it a kind of magical almost fantasy like look and it is something that the person putting it together is going to be very excited to complete. This thing looks so cool, that they might even want to frame it once they are done and keep it out on display forever.


While this wolf looks great, putting it together is going to pose a real challenge, even for a seasoned veteran when it comes to jigsaw puzzles. Rather than being “normal” jigsaw puzzle style shapes that fit into a square or rectangle, this one is made so that it makes up the wolf’s head. This means that they will be dealing with some rather unusual pieces when it comes to putting them in the right place. Another neat thing about this jigsaw puzzle is that instead of using standard carding, the pieces here are made from high quality wood.

Key Features:

  • This wolf looks like something from a fantasy comic book
  • The colours really do pop
  • It is going to pose a real challenge
  • The pieces are wooden which makes this even more special
  • A jigsaw puzzle is a fantastic way to keep the mind sharp and active

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