Ravensburger - Jurassic Park - Danger!

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Jurassic Park Danger! delivers an Adventure Strategy experience! Step into Jurassic Park and bear witness to its prehistoric creatures. But danger looms as chaos has hit Isla Nubular - the power is out, and the dinosaurs on the hunt! One player takes control of the T-Rex, Dilophosaurus and Velociraptor while the others team up as the classic movie characters, each focused on restoring power and escaping the island before they become prey! This game includes 110 cards, 11 player mats, 19 island tiles, 5 perimeter frames, 10 character movers, 3 dinosaur movers, 13 fences, 19 tokens, 1 dice & instructions.

  • 2-5 players
  • ages 10 years and up.
  • Playing time: 50 minutes

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